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Subject: Microplastic Pollution & Ecotoxicology (ONLINE)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Microplastic pollution has garnered much attention in recent years, yet much is still unknown regarding the extent and threat posed by this pollutant. We will review the recent and seminal literature focusing on the distribution of plastic pollution and the negative effects on the environment. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of knowledge about this emerging field and recognize the current gaps in understanding its effects on wildlife. Although this is not a laboratory class, methods and materials on how to sample, isolate, and quantify microplastic pollution in various samples will be reviewed and demonstrated for researchers interested in collecting measurements in the field.



  • Extent of MP pollution in sediment, water, and soil
  • Routes of MP Exposure in the environment
  • Sampling techniques for MPs in water, soil, and animal tissues
  • MP Toxicology in Wildlife
  • Size and density separation of MP samples
  • Quantification of MP in samples
  • Research proposals and oral arguments

FORMAT: During both weeks, participants will learn at their own pace by watching prerecorded lectures and reading peer-reviewed papers and other assigned readings. Each Tuesday and Thursday, participants will attend live 2-hr discussions with the instructor to discuss these materials. The final assessment will be a 3-page prospectus that proposes research that would potentially fill our gaps in knowledge regarding microplastic pollution. A few weeks later, students will make oral argument (using presentation software) on why their proposed study should be considered for funding. Students taking the course for academic credit will be graded on this final presentation.

DATES: June 6 - July 1, 2022

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: This course is approved by The Wildlife Society (15 CEUs) and the Ecological Society of America (4 CEUs). CEU’s are included for FREE.

MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ESA CERTIFICATION: This course is approved by the Ecological Society of America for 1 semester hour of qualified coursework that can be used to meet the minimum education requirements in Physical and Mathematical Science.

PRICE: Early bird course fee (ends May 8): $500 Professional / $400 Student

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available to participants residing in and training in countries designated as “lower income” and “lower middle income” in the World Bank List of Economies. Please visit our World Scholars Program page for more details: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/cws-world-scholars-program

To learn more/to register, please visit: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/courses/microplastic-pollution-ecotoxicology-2022

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022