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Subject: R Bootcamp for Ecologists & Wildlife Biologists (ONLINE)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the basics of R from an experienced research ecologist, resource manager, and wildlife professor who will help you organize and display your data for reports, publications, and future analysis. Learn from the ground up, beginning with loading and organizing ecological datasets in RStudio to building beautiful plots for publication. Unlike many R courses, most examples used during the course are tailored to the needs of students, researchers, and professionals in ecology- and wildlife-related disciplines. After completing this course, consider enrolling in Introduction to Ecological Modeling to build on your foundation in R by learning the essential quantitative skills needed to be successful in research at school and work.

PREREQUISITES: No prior experience in R is necessary.

FORMAT & DATES: This is a 1-credit equivalent academic course (16 contact hrs + additional work) where you learn at your own pace. This is NOT a “Watch me use R” course where your instructor presents a series of tutorials.

You have two options when enrolling in this course:

(1) Instructor support. Reach out to your instructor over a 1-month period to get help as you work through prerecorded lectures, problem sets, and your own personal work. Instructor support includes emailing your instructor, accessing live discussion threads, and scheduling one-on-one appointments (Zoom or phone) about course material, your research, datasets from work, etc. You MUST select this option if you want to take the course for academic credit at your home institution. It is highly RECOMMENDED that you select this option if you would like to work with an instructor on a dataset from school or work. Opens on June 6, 2022, and closes on July 3, 2022

(2) NO instructor support. Sign up anytime and learn at your own pace over the summer as you work through prerecorded lectures and problem sets. Be aware that at any time during the first month, you may upgrade to receive Instructor support. Opens on June 6, 2022, and closes on July 31, 2022

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available to participants residing in and training in countries designated as “lower income” and “lower middle income” in the World Bank List of Economies. Please visit our World Scholars Program page for more details: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/cws-world-scholars-program

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: This course is approved by The Wildlife Society (21 CEUs) and the Ecological Society of America (4 CEUs). CEU’s are included for FREE. MINIMUM

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ESA CERTIFICATION: This course is approved by the Ecological Society of America for 1 semester hour of qualified coursework that can be used to meet the minimum education requirements in Physical and Mathematical Science.

PRICE: Early bird course fee starts at $250 with no instructor support up to $500 with instructor support.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022