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Subject: Spatially-Explicit Capture-Mark-Recapture Online

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course builds on and extends the scope of the questions, data types, and analytical methods covered in the Introduction to Capture-Mark-Recapture course.  In particular, we will go into depth on spatially-explicit methods, including mark-recapture and mark-resight models, their underlying assumptions, and more advanced applications such as explaining variation in density patterns and developing long-term monitoring programs.

As with the Intro course, we will focus on applying hypothetico-deductive reasoning to guide project development, as even ‘simply’ estimating demographic parameters will almost always benefit from thinking in terms of biological hypotheses.  Only after defining the questions and scale can we identify the appropriate sampling methods, which should be rooted in animal behavior and ecology, and analytical framework.

Throughout the course we will analyze a small number of real-world datasets.  This allows a deeper understanding of how the questions, sampling, and analyses function as a whole, instead of using disparate projects that can distract students.  To accommodate different strengths and learning styles, we will use both 'canned' (e.g., program MARK) and command-line software (program R) during online lectures and practical exercises.

PREREQUISITES: Introductory statistics; introduction to CMR or similar training; basic competence in R; and familiarity with logistic regression, population ecology, and animal behavior.

FORMAT: Students will take the course at their own pace over a 3-week period. The course is divided into discrete competency-based modules composed of pre-recorded lecture material and hands-on exercises. Students will interact with each other and the instructor by email, online discussion threads, and live Q&A. Each student will also have the opportunity following this 3-week period to meet with the instructor via video consultation to discuss course materials or their individual datasets.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Jeff Stetz

DATES: October 3-30, 2022

PRICE: Early bird course fee (before Aug 21) : $650 professional / $550 student

For more information/to register, please visit: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/courses/spatially-explicit-cmr-online-2022

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Friday, June 03, 2022