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Subject: Workshop annoucement!

As each of you know all too well, the events of 2020 have given rise to greater, more acute and destructive conflict in our world. Many of you have shared with us that CPeace's capacity building in Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) is needed now more than ever. As such, we are offering two virtual 5-day Fundamentals of Conservation Conflict Transformation capacity building workshops in early 2021: February 8-12 and March 1-5, 2021. Please visit our website for more information and to register: www.cpeace.ngo

More information about CCT:

Do you have a complex conservation challenge? Is social conflict complicating or impeding your efforts to create positive change or achieve conservation goals? Social conflicts around conservation issues can erode efforts to protect wildlife and secure communities’ way of life. Destructive conflicts often impede the development of shared solutions and progress among communities, conservationists, industry, and governments.

We invite you to engage with CPeace to learn more about Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT), a positive process by which complex, multilayered conflicts are transformed into opportunities to both engage in presenting problems and meet deeper needs.  If deep-rooted conflicts are not sufficiently reconciled through strategic process and relationship changes, then conservation efforts typically stall, regress, or fail. In contrast, CCT has been shown to:
• Foster receptivity to change and sustained momentum for adaptive management,
• Create shared wins around conservation conflicts, 
• Enable individual and organizational capabilities to empower progress within society, and
• Promote lasting coexistence among people and wildlife.
CCT takes a transdisciplinary approach, drawing on a variety of disciplines, including neurology, psychology, anthropology, behavioral economics, behavioral science, complex systems theory, and more. 

Francine Madden <hello@cpeace.ngo>
Monday, November 02, 2020