Empowering Change: SCB’s Africa Region Advances Toward Regional Incorporation

In alignment with the Society’s evolution into a global network, SCB Regions are empowered to register as non-profit entities as one way to enhance their regional influence and operational effectiveness and flexibility. In this vein, SCB's Africa Region took a critical first step to achieving regional incorporation when the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Rwanda signed a memorandum of understanding with the Africa Region during ICCB 2023. In signing the MOU, the SCB Africa Region is firmly on the path to incorporation in Rwanda. 

The MoU is the culmination of months of concerted efforts and trust-building between the Africa Region board, SCB Global Services staff, and the Ministry of Environment of Rwanda, which also served as co-host of ICCB 2023. It also moves the Africa Region closer to joining SCB's North America and Oceania Regions which have already achieved regional incorporation status within the SCB framework. 

“This milestone moves the Africa Region closer to enhancing our capabilities for fostering impactful relationships within the conservation science community in Africa and to forming partnerships like our recent agreement to work with the Africa Biodiversity and Collaborative Group (ABCG) in support of the sustainable use and management of biodiversity in Africa and globally,” said SCB Africa Region Past President Israel Borokini.

We will continue to report on the exciting developments related to the status of the Africa Region and how it aligns with the continued evolution of SCB into a global network. 

“A lot of work and collaboration went into our MoU with the Ministry of Environment, said SCB President-elect and Africa Region President Mwezi “Badru” Mugerwa. “It’s an exciting accomplishment as we live into Vision 2026 and seek to solidify our permanency in Africa and position the Africa Region to navigate the business, membership, and fundraising landscape more adeptly within Africa.”