New SCB Membership Dues Structure

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Board of Governors has approved a new membership dues structure that will go into effect in mid-July. There are two primary differences that you will observe with these changes: the first involves changes to SCB’s current membership categories and the second involves the addition of new SCB membership categories.

SCB recognizes that there are income differences within and between all countries. Therefore we are moving away from a “location-based” dues structure and into an “income-based” dues structure. An income-based dues structure will accommodate and enable a wider range of scientists and conservation professionals and students to join and enrich our global community.

New and renewing members will be asked to select a membership category (Professional, Student, or Retired) before they select their annual gross income range (in USD equivalent). As you will see in Table 1, dues rates increase as annual gross income increases, regardless of the category selected. To respect your income privacy, SCB will not confirm the income level you select, but we ask that members utilize this honor system in a way that reflects validity. Members in developing countries will still receive complimentary access to Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation.

You will notice a slight increase in the membership dues structure to help our organization keep up with inflation (SCB has not had a dues change in more than 7 years). However, Table 1 also identifies significant discount incentives for multi-year renewals and provides a new Lifetime membership that offers a long-term cost-saving option. 

You will have the opportunity to renew at the current rate into July 2018 and will see more about the dues structure change and new member benefits, such as online communities, a membership directory, and expertise database, in our upcoming monthly newsletters and social media posts. To distribute this information as transparently and widely as possible, please feel free to share this information with other current and expired SCB members.

Please visit the SCB website to renew. If you need assistance logging into your SCB member homepage, please email us!