New SCB Working Group: Impact Evaluation (ImpactEval)

In May, the SCB Board of Governors granted provisional Working Group status to Impact Evaluation (ImpactEval), which seeks to advance biodiversity conservation efforts across the globe, by supporting the adoption of quantitative and qualitative counterfactual approaches to understanding the social and ecological impacts of conservation interventions.  We plan to build relationships with impact evaluators in other disciplines, and work to build an active community of counterfactual thinkers within the Society. Over the next year, we’ll be working to create a voice and a community of practice for conservation impact evaluation within the Society, as well as developing a more formal workplan and governance structure. Look for us on twitter (via @idoimpact, or #teamcounterfactual) at upcoming SCB regional and thematic meetings, where we hope to organize some informal activities.

You can join the ImpactEval Listserv here. 

 For more information about the Working Group, please contact Louise Glew.