North America Section Call for Nominations

Make a difference in conservation and give back to your conservation community by nominating yourself or someone else to serve on the board of directors of the North America Section of SCB!

The Society for Conservation Biology's North America Section (SCBNA) invites you to nominate SCBNA members to stand for election to the following offices on the SCBNA Board of Directors. SCBNA is especially interested in increasing equity and inclusion at all levels, including the board level and encourages nominations of individuals from historically underrepresented groups.  Every board member attends one in-person meeting (some financial support may be possible depending on need) and several virtual meetings per year. 
The call for nominations is open now through April 26. Please see the Board Code of Conduct and the SCBNA Bylaws for position descriptions and expectations of board members.
The open seats are: 
  • President-Elect (6 year term: 2 years as President-Elect, 2 years as President, 2 years as Past-President)
  • VP for Education and Chapters (3 year term)
  • Student representative (2 year term; must be a student in conservation biology or a closely related field and attending an accredited university or college)
  • Chapters representative (2 year term; must be a member of one of SCBNA’s local chapters).
  • Member-at-large (2 year term).
Historically, most nominations have been self-nominations and self-nominations are always welcome. Before you nominate someone other than yourself, please ask that person if she or he is willing to be considered. Please indicate the office(s) for which you seek consideration. Each nominee must be a current member of SCBNA. President-Elect nominees typically should have previously served on the SCBNA or SCB-Global board. After reviewing nominees, the SCBNA Nominations Committee will put forward the slate of candidates for each office and announce the start of voting. The term of each elected officer will begin July 1, 2019.
To submit a nomination please email the SCBNA Board of Directors Nomination form to SCBNA President Jessa Madosky. Please indicate 'SCBNA elections' in the subject line.

Questions? Email North America Section President Jessa Madosky