SCB Emerging Issues in Conservation Seminar

We're excited to continue our SCB webinar series featuring recent publications from the three SCB journals in 2021!

The SCB Emerging Issues in Conservation seminar (on Wednesdays) highlights speakers whose papers are currently in press at Conservation Biology, Conservation Letters and Conservation Science and Practice. The upcoming webinars are below. Please forward to folks in your network.

Watch the first webinar, 'Relative effects of recreational activities on a temperate terrestrial wildlife assemblage,' with Robin Naidoo (WWF), here.

And watch subsequent webinars on our Vimeo channel.

Check out the schedule for our future webinars below (more will be added for 2021): 

Date Time Speaker Institution Paper Journal
20 Jan 22:00 GMT; 11PM Paris; 5PM New York; 8AM Sydney Diego Cardeñosa Florida International University, USA Indo‐Pacific origins of silky shark fins in major shark fin markets highlights supply chains and management bodies key for conservation Conservation Letters
27 Jan 17:00 GMT: 6PM Paris; Noon New York; 3AM Sydney Katia Ferraz University of São Paulo, Brazil Bridging the gap between researchers, conservation planners, and decision makers to improve species conservation decision‐making Conservation Science and Practice