SCB Sends Delegation to IPBES

SCB is proud to have an official delegation at the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) meeting this week in Bonn, Germany. The Society's IPBES delegation includes former Europe Section president Martin Dieterich, Oceania Section president Carolyn Lundquist, and Europe Section board member Guy Pe'er.
The IPBES delegation is providing daily coverage of the meeting on the SCB News Blog. Check the blog daily for brief news summaries from IPBES plus informal analysis of the proceedings of the day. 
Over the past three years, with the leadership of SCB’s Ad Hoc Committee on IPBES, SCB has developed extensive comments on the proposed rules of procedure and work program of IPBES. Its Multidisciplinary Expert Panel are being nominated and chosen by governments, but SCB is an accredited observer seeking to participate actively. SCB has pressed for an inclusive and well-funded body that will invite scientific and policy experts to participate fully to bring scientific analysis and information to bear to more powerfully implement treaties and laws affecting conservation.
One approach we suggest is to include in IPBES reports any well-supported minority or concurring opinions to better inform a precautionary approach by decision-makers.
Stay tune to the SCB News Blog for daily updates from IPBES. 

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