SCB Service Awards Program

SCB is proud of the career achievements of its members and the outstanding contributions they make to conservation and we honor those achievements through an official awards program. 
SCB presents global or regional awards, depending on the year. Global awards are presented in years that SCB hosts its Internatinal Congress for Conservation Biology. Regional awards are presented in years wher SCB Groups host reginal congresses. 
In 2024, the Society will present its regional awards.  

Left Photo: 2017 SCB Service Award winners Mimi Lam (left) and Angelo O'Connor Villagomez (top right). Right Photo: 2015 SCB Service Award winners Stacy Jupiter (top left, blue shirt), Kerry Sink (top right), Mike Hoffman, on behalf of IUCN Red List (bottom left) and Sue Miller-Taei. 

Past SCB Service Award winners include Al Gore, Georgina Mace, David Attenborough, Phoebe Barnard, Eleanor Sterling, and dozens of others who have made extraordinary contributions to conservation biology and the preservation of Earth's biodiversity.

Service Awards are administered by the SCB Awards Committee. Learn more about the history of the SCB awards and past winners here. Find information on the types of SCB Service Awards below. 

About SCB Service Awards

Distinguished Service Awards recognize individuals, groups or institutions for distinguished service in any field associated with conservation biology and whose work has furthered the mission of SCB. DSA nominees can also be selected for recognition as one of three potential 'special' award categories: 

  • Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award: Given to an individual who has been a leader in translating principles of conservation biology into real-world conservation. Preference is given to employees of government agencies or individuals who have spent at least part of their career in public service. The intention of the award is to recognize the innovative application of science to resource management and policy.  
  • Early Career Conservationist Award: Honors achievements in conservation by professionals early in their careers (no more than 10 years since leaving school). SCB does not apply an age criteria in order to enable eligibility for individuals who might have come to conservation as a second career.
  • Conservation Beacon Award: Recognizes and honor emerging women leaders in conservation, particularly those who have overcome socio-economic, cultural and political barriers, and are achieving great strides in applied conservation