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Listed in January 2022.

SCB Europe Section Press Release: Greece gives legal protection to roadless areas

photo for SCB Europe Section Press Release: Greece gives legal protection to roadless areas

Biodiversity and ecosystems are highly threatened by road development worldwide. Greece has taken the lead in Europe by legally protecting six mountainous roadless Natura 2000 sites from further road fragmentation, introducing the first national roadless policy in Europe.

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Member Spotlight: Yuval Zukerman

photo for Member Spotlight: Yuval Zukerman

We held a Q&A with Yuval Zukerman to get to know more about her, her research in the Negev Desert and what a typical day as a graduate student looks like.

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Remembering Thomas Lovejoy

photo for Remembering Thomas Lovejoy

Conservation icon and SCB co-founder and past President Thomas Lovejoy passed away on December 25, 2021. While Tom played many important roles in the field of conservation, one of his most important was that of a mentor. Mentors are so incredibly important to our field, and Tom Lovejoy served as a mentor to many. One of his mentees, Dr. Rachel Golden Kroner, shared a piece with us about what he meant to her as a mentor.

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