Chapters Corner: Greater Melbourne Chapter


The recently-formed Greater Melbourne Chapter is excited to introduce our new initiative, "Putting Conservation In Victoria on the Map” - an interactive, online map of conservation research and action across the region. 

The aim is provide a fantastic visual tour of conservation research and action across Greater Melbourne and the state of Victoria. We’re inviting the local conservation community to put their work on the map, by simply filling out this Google Form with some basic information about the project, links to key resources, and of course, a spiffy picture. It might be a research project, restoration site, conservation organisation or community group – anything related to the wide world of conservation across the terrestrial, marine and freshwater realms.

Conservation can sometimes be a lonely affair and we hope that this will help showcase each project as part of a bigger conservation community. It also allows researchers, practitioners and the public to see which conservation projects are happening in their area, and highlights opportunities to share knowledge, resources or collaborations in future.

So far, the map highlights 15 fantastic stories, ranging from road crossings for threatened mammals, grasslands under urban pressure, as well as research into fire, foxes and feral cats (oh my!). Take a tour for yourself here.

If you’d like to learn more about the initiative, visit our blog, or contact Kylie Soanes. Follow the Chapter on Twitter @MelbourneSCB!