Conservation Biology Awards

The editors of Conservation Biology are immensely proud to have the opportunity to help our authors revise and publish their outstanding research.

Among the many excellent papers, it is their privilege to publish, a few stand out for their quality and impact. To recognize authors who made particularly noteworthy contributions to the journal and conservation science, each year the editors highlight the best student‐led papers published with the Rising Star Award (as judged by Conservation Biology’s associate and regional editors); the most cited papers; and the papers with the highest Altmetric scores, reflecting to some extent the broader impact of their work.

Here are the awardees for 2020.

Rising Stars

First place: Juan Gallego‐Zamorano

Combined Effects of Land Use and Hunting on Distributions of Tropical Mammals

Second place:  Simone L. Stevenson

Testing the Presence of Marine Protected Areas against Their Ability to Reduce Pressures on Biodiversity 

Third place: Elie Gaget

Antagonistic Effect of Natural Habitat Conversion on Community Adjustment to Climate Warming in Nonbreeding Waterbirds

Most Cited Articles

Articles published in 2018 with the highest number of citations in 2019 and 2020

First: Lily M. van Eeden et al.

Managing Conflict between Large Carnivores and Livestock

Second: Arian D. Wallach et al.

Summoning Compassion to Address the Challenges of Conservation

Third: Oscar Venter et al.

Bias in Protected‐Area Location and Its Effects on Long‐Term Aspirations of Biodiversity Conventions

Highest Altmetric Scores

Articles published online in 2019 with the highest Altmetric score from publication date to 5 January 2021

First: Alice C. Hughes

Understanding and Minimizing Environmental Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative

Second: William S. Lynn et al.

A Moral Panic over Cats

Third: Diana E. Bowler et al.

Long‐Term Declines of European Insectivorous Bird Populations and Potential Causes