Diet, Health, and Conservation Working Group

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, (and more,) SCB community! My name is Christa Rose and I’m exploring the formation of a new working group: Diet, Health, and Conservation. This is a powerful intersection of fields, a true frontline where I find great hope in achieving enduring progress in biodiversity conservation. 

Food choices directly impact our personal health, and production and consumption patterns impact our environment on a scale that conservation practitioners must address to slow, then reverse global degradation.


Please follow this link to find my short proposal (<1 page). If you are interested, contact me and provide:

  • your full name
  • your SCB member ID (see below on where to find your member ID)
  • your best e-mail address (additional contact information is welcome)
  • the country you primarily work from
  • your time zone
  • your primary language if not English.

SCB requires 20 current members express interest in a working group in order to take the next step in its formation.

I'd love to work with you on this project. We will share ideas and pool resources to establish a strong foundation for the group. We’ll apply sound science, cultural sensitivity, and plenty of creativity to generate our first actionable steps while envisioning growth for the group.

The Diet, Health, and Conservation working group will face formidable challenges in biodiversity conservation, but the universal resonance of these three fields is a common-sense vehicle that will guide us. Please join me. 

Where to Find Your Member ID

To find your Member ID, simply log in to your SCB member page. Find your Member ID in the right column, under Membership Summary (it's at the bottom of the column). See image.