SCB Announces 2019 Board of Governors Election Results

The Society for Conservation Biology is excited to announce the results of its 2019 Board of Governors Election.

With a high voter turnout, SCB members elected Tony Lynam as President-Elect, Melissa Price as Vice President for Programs, Ellen Hines as Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Officer, Jennifer Thornhill as Treasurer and Lionel Yamb as Secretary.


President-Elect Tony Lynam, Ph.D. of the Wildlife Conservation Society is the current SCB Asia Section President and a member of the Marine Section and Conservation Technology Working Group. He has been a member of SCB since 1987 and aims to work to ensure that all members of SCB are served and supported, that membership remains relevant across career stages, and that the value of membership far exceeds the cost of participation.

Vice President for Programs Melissa Price, Ph.D. of the University of Hawai’i at Monoa helped set up the first chapter of SCB in Hawai’i and serves as a faculty advisor for the Hawai’i chapter board. She has experience working across diverse stakeholder groups to solve complex conservation challenges and looks forward to working with SCB committees and programs to achieve conservation goals.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer Ellen Hines, Ph.D. of San Francisco State University has been a longtime SCB volunteer and most recently acted as a representative in the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee and was formerly the Marine Section president. A member since 1994, she is excited to openly represent and contribute the important priorities and goals of EID within conservation at the Board of Governors level.

Treasurer Jennifer Thornhill, Ph.D. of the Institute for Applied Ecology and George Mason University served on the Board of the Washington, DC SCB chapter from 2007-2014. She has also attended all ICCB’s since 2006 and spend six years on the Ecological Footprint Committee. She looks forward to using her experience as a Fiscal Administrator for a non-profit organization in her new role as Treasurer.

Secretary Lionel Yamb of the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organisation (AMMCO) is an early career wildlife conservationist and has been a member since 2018. Having served previously as Secretary of an association that manages student affairs, he will be bringing experience and new ideas to SCB in his new role on the Board of Governors.


We at SCB are grateful to all of the candidates who participated in the election and for their dedication to SCB and to our mission. We look forward to their continued leadership and contributions to SCB.

SCB is also thankful for all of the members who voted in the election. Your vote is a strong and essential voice in our international community of conservation professionals and students.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Terms of service will begin on July 1, 2019.