2019 SCB Board of Governor Positions

The BoG serves as the governing body of SCB and is responsible for assuring that the overall management of the Society is conducted in a manner that secures and maintains its well-being and longevity.  The BoG ensures that the Society’s finances are managed appropriately and that its financial health is strong, that member services meet member needs, that staff efforts and programmatic initiatives advance the SCB Strategic Plan and Mission, and that the Society's operations are conducted in a responsible and legal manner.  All BoG members, except the Section Presidents, are vetted by the Governance Committee before being elected by the membership.  The BoG convenes no less than three times annually by conference call with one or two of these meetings typically held in person.

In 2019, five board seats are up for election (nominations no longer being accepted). 2019 BoG positions up for election include:

President Elect (6 year term from 7/19-6/21: President Elect; 7/21-6/23: President; 7/23-6/25: Past President)

This six year term includes a two year term as President Elect, a two year term as President, and a two year term as Past President. The President Elect is responsible for learning the responsibilities of President position and the BOG proceedings and policies.  The President is responsible for leading Board and Executive Committee efforts to carry out their governance responsibilities, for acting as a liaison between the Board and the Executive Director to help ensure the Board’s directives and resolutions are carried out, and for exercising and performing other powers and duties prescribed by the Board.  The Past President guarantees the continuity of SCB policies and practices, ensures accountability of the BOG, provides governance leadership, and provides critical, short-term institutional memory.  Applicants must have served as an elected BoG member for at least one previous term within the last 5 years.

Treasurer (3 year term from 7/19-6/22)

The Treasurer works with the Executive Office and Chairs the Finance and Investment Committee to assure that the Society’s finances, investments, annual budgets, and financial practices are compliant with financial best practices and all legal requirements.  

Secretary (4 year term from 7/19-6/23)

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of the BoG and ensuring effective management of the Society’s records, recording, documenting, and managing the minutes of BoG meetings, tacking BoG action items, ensuring minutes are distributed to BoG members shortly after each meeting, and being sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc.) to note applicability during BoG meetings.

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Officer (3 year term from 7/19-6/22)

The Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) Officer serves on the SCB Executive Committee and chairs the EID Committee.  The EID Officer helps to lead Board efforts to carry out their governance responsibilities, leads governance efforts related to equity, inclusion, and diversity, and helps the Board and Executive Director focus on matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity across all aspects of SCB.

Vice President for Programs (4 year term from 7/19-6/23)

The Vice President for Programs serves as BoG liaison to the SCB Policy Committee and other SCB committees as assigned, assures that the these Committee’s Quarterly Reports are completed on time and represents the Committees at all BoG meetings, serves as the BoG liaison to the SCB Programs, assists the Committees assigned and Programs develop and implement a workplan to advance SCB’s mission, vision, strategic plan and goals, identifies and works with the Executive Office and BoG to address policy and program needs, and assures programmatic priorities and policy foci integrate with the SCB strategic plan.