SCB Board of Governors

SCB board meeting in July 2018, Toronto, Canada
SCB's Board of Governors meets in-person at SCB Section Congresses (even number years) and at ICCB (odd number years). In 2018, the SCB Board met at the North America Congress for Conservation Biology. Top row (left to right): SCB Vice President for Membership Kevin Njabo, Catarina Ferreira (standing in for SCB Europe Section President Bege Jonsson), SCB Vice President for Education & Outreach Eduardo Gallo Cajiao, SCB President-Elect Anthony J. Lynam, SCB Past President Mike Mascia*, Oceania Section President Vanessa Adams, former SCB North America Section President Jessa Madosky*, Africa Section President Israel Borokini, former SCB Treasurer Heather DeCaluwe*, SCB President Adina Merenlender. Front row: Former SCB Executive Director Debborah Luke, SCB Past President James Watson*,  SCB LACA Section President Anthony Giordano, former SCB Secretary Marit Wilkerson*, former SCB Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Officer Rae Wynn-Grant*.
*not on current on board  

Executive Committee Members


Adina Merenlender
University of California
United States
Term ends as Past President: 30 June 2023

President Elect

Antony Lynam
Wildlife Conservation Society
Term ends as Past President: 30 June 2025



Jennifer Thornhill
Institute of Applied Ecology
George Mason University
Term ends: 30 June 2022


Lionel Yamb
African Marine Mammal Conservation Organisation (AMMCO)
Term ends: 30 June 2023

Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity  Officer

Ellen Hines
San Francisco State University
United States
Term ends: 30 June 2022

Section Members

Africa Section

Israel Borokini
University of Nevada, Reno
United States
Section Governing Board President 
Term ends: 31 December 2022

Asia Section

Asia Section President
Vacant 1 July 2019 - 30 August 2019

Europe Section

Bengt Gunnar Jonnson
Mid-Sweden University
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 31 December 2020

Latin America and Caribbean Section

Anthony Giordano
New York
Section Governing Board President 
Term ends: 31 Dec 2019

Vice President Members

Vice President for Education and Outreach

Eduardo Gallo Cajiao
University of Queensland
Chair of the Student Affairs Committee; Liaison to Working Groups and Fellowship Programs Committee
Term ends: 30 June 2022

Vice President for Membership

Kevin Njabo
Pritzker Education Fellow
Associate Director, Africa Director,
Center for Tropical Research
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Institute of Environment and Sustainability and 
Department of Environmental Health
University of California, Los Angeles
United States
VP of Membership
Term ends: 30 June 2021

Vice President for Programs and Nominees

Melissa Price
University of Hawaii at Manoa
United States
Term ends: 30 June 2023

Marine Section

Katie Matthews
Washington, DC
United States
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 31 Dec 2019

North America Section

Karen Root
Bowling Green State University
United States
Term ends 30 June 2021

Oceania Section

Vanessa Adams
University of Queensland
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 30 June 2020


John Robinson
Former SCB President
Chief Conservation Officer, and Executive Vice President
Wildlife Conservation Society


Terms of Reference


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