SCB Board of Governors

Clockwise: Antony Lynam, Melissa Price, Justine Vaz, Israel Borokini, John Piccolo, Micha Jackson, Rebecca McCaffery, Edward Hind-Ozan, Eduardo Gallo Cajiao, Karla Pelz Serrano, Adina Merenlender, Mohammad Farhadinia, Jennifer Thornhill, Erin Poor, Vanessa Adams, Tsitsi McPherson


SCB Board Members


Antony Lynam
Wildlife Conservation Society
Term ends as President: 30 June 2023

President Elect

Vanessa Adams
University of Tasmania
Term ends as President: 30 June 2025

Past President

Adina Merenlender
University of California
United States
Term ends as Past President: 30 June 2023


Jennifer Thornhill
Institute of Applied Ecology
George Mason University
Term ends: 30 June 2023


Justine Vaz
The Habitat Foundation
Pulau Pinang
Term ends: 30 June 2023

Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity  Officer

Tsitsi McPherson
Term ends: 30 June 2022

Section Members

Africa Section

Israel Borokini
University of Nevada, Reno
United States
Section Governing Board President 
Term ends: 31 December 2022

Asia Section

Mohammad Farhadinia
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Interim Section Governing Board President
Term ends 30 April 2023

Europe Section

John Piccolo
Karlstad University
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 31 December 2023

Latin America and Caribbean Section

Karla Pelz Serrano
Department of Environmental Sciences
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
Section Governing Board President 
Term ends: 31 Dec 2021

Vice President Members

Vice President for Education and Outreach

Eduardo Gallo Cajiao
University of Queensland
Chair of the Student Affairs Committee; Liaison to Working Groups and Fellowship Programs Committee
Term ends: 30 June 2023

Vice President for Membership

Erin Poor
University of Maryland
The Nature Conservancy 
Denver, Colorado
United States
Term ends: 30 June 2025

Vice President for Programs and Nominees

Melissa Price
University of Hawaii at Manoa
United States
Term ends: 30 June 2023

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Marine Section

Edward Hind-Ozan
Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs
United Kingdom Government
United Kingdom
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 31 Dec 2022

North America Section

Rebecca McCaffery
Bozeman, Montana
United States
Term ends 30 June 2023

Oceania Section

Micha Jackson 
University of Queensland 
Section Governing Board President
Term ends: 30 June 2024


Ines Arroyo Quiroz 
Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinaries
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Blake Alexander Simmons 
Research Associate
Queensland University of Technology

Marit Doshi
Senior Coordinator / Project Manager
California Association for Resource Conservation Districts / 
UC Berkeley Cooperative Extension

Li (Aster) Zhang
Professor of Conservation Biology
Beijing Normal University

The SCB ombuds group is an independent, neutral, and confidential resource for members of the SCB community who are concerned about behavior of staff, governors, members or other functionaries of SCB. 

Contact the SCB ombuds and review the terms of reference.

Regional Section Board Members

Please see the Section webpages for current board member listings