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SCB staff are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to connect with staff, just leave a message in their respective voicemail box or send them an email. You'll get a response within one-business day. Remember that you can stay engaged with the SCB member community and cultivate relationships with members via Conservation Connection.   

Warren Sander
Managing Director

202-234-4133 (ext. 7109)

Warren joined SCB in 2015. Having held senior management positions in banking and higher education, Warren's prior experience extends through both the non-profit and for-profit spheres, encompassing both community-based and international perspectives.  He earned his MBA from the College of William and Mary and has spent time at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea and Fudan University in Shanghai, China.   



Nicole Crane 
David H. Smith Conservation
Research Fellowship Executive Director

Nicole Crane is a Senior Conservation Scientist and Faculty whose areas of expertise are in international ocean conservation and management, program development, ocean research, and education. Nicole has more than 25 years of experience working with communities and conducting ecological assessments of reefs, and has worked to enhance citizen science across cultures and disciplines. She is dedicated to linking rigorous science with cultural knowledge and community leadership in conservation. Nicole is a founding member and Co-Director, with John Rulmal, of One People One Reef, a non-profit focused on applied conservation with Pacific Island communities. Through her faculty positions in the California Community College system (currently on leave from Cabrillo College) Nicole has established several science education programs in the United States, with a focus on serving underrepresented students and enhancing DEI in STEM. She was the founder and Director of the National Science Foundation Center for Excellence in Marine Advanced Technology Education, Executive Director for Camp SEA Lab (California State University Monterey Bay), and co-developer of the NSF IScS integrated science program for at risk college youth.  She is committed to mentorship and career development, and to creating supportive, welcoming and inclusive communities. Nicole is an associate at the California Academy of Sciences, a National Geographic Explorer, and is a Fellow National at the Explorers Club.

Shonda Gilliland 
David H. Smith Conservation
Research Fellowship Program Director
202-234-4133 (ext. 7101)

Shonda has overseen the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program since its move to the Society for Conservation Biology in 2005. She is a graduate of the Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology Master’s program at the University of Maryland, College Park, where her research focused on the valuation of ecosystem services provided by the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge System. Originally from Michigan, Shonda received her BA in Social Relations and Political Theory from Michigan State University and then followed that with two years in the congressional office of U.S. Senator Carl Levin before pursuing her graduate studies. 

Nathan Spillman
Deputy Director
202-234-4133 (ext. 7114)

Nate joined SCB in August 2011. Prior associations-related experience includes work for the NAACP and the Community Associations Institute.

Kathleen Munger
Marketing and Communications Manager

202-234-4133 (ext. 7108)




Kathleen graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in government and politics, a minor in international development and conflict management, and a global fellowship in science diplomacy. Before joining SCB she interned at the World Wildlife Fund and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Miriam Hernandez
Finance and Administrative Manager

202-234-4133 (ext. 7106)

Miriam graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Agricultural & Resource Economics and has experience with general administration and front-end financial management. Before joining SCB, she interned with the National Archives in College Park, working with land preservation and conservation. She is also fluent in Spanish, and in her spare time loves to go hiking, kayaking and dancing.


Mark Burgman
Conservation Biology



Mark A. Burgman is Director of the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis in Australia and the Adrienne Clarke Chair of Botany at the University of Melbourne. His research is in ecological modelling, conservation biology, biosecurity and risk assessment. He has worked on models for a broad range of species and regulatory settings including marine fisheries, forestry, irrigation, electrical power utilities, mining, and national park planning.  He received a BSc from the University of New South Wales (1974), an MSc from Macquarie University, Sydney (1981), and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York (1987). He worked as a consultant ecologist and research scientist in Australia, the United States and Switzerland during the 1980’s before joining the University of Melbourne in 1990. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Science and was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Conservation Biology in 2006.

Ellen Main
Senior Editor 
Conservation Biology

202-234-4133 (ext. 308)

Ellen Main has worked on Conservation Biology since 1993 as editorial assistant, managing editor, and currently as senior editor. She has a BS in Biology and an MS in scientific communications. Her previous experiences include work on an oceanographic book series, a science-education magazine, and an extracurricular science education program. She works out of her home in Florida.

Frith Jarrad
Managing Editor 
Conservation Biology


Frith C. Jarrad joined SCB as Managing Editor in late 2013. Frith has held academic research positions in the fields of conservation biology and ecology at the School of Botany, the University of Melbourne, and the School of Mathematical Sciences, the Queensland University of Technology. She received Bachelor degrees in Science and Forest Science with Honours (2001) and PhD (2009) from the University of Melbourne. Frith is based in Melbourne, Australia.