Dr Cedric Tan Wins Asia Section Award

Dr. Cedric Kai Wei Tan is the first ever recipient of the SCB Asia Section's Early Career Conservationist Award. 

The SCB Asia Section is excited to announce Dr. Cedric Kai Wei Tan as the first winner the Section’s Early Career Conservationist Award.

The Section’s Early Career Conservationist Award (ECCA) recognizes conservationists within the first ten years of their careers who do exceptional work in making real impact on conservation issues in Asia and who demonstrate the use of innovative approaches to conservation.

“The SCB Asia Section is proud to present the Early Career Conservationist Award to Cedric Tan for his conservation work in Malaysia,” said SCB Asia Section President Tony Lynam. “Congratulations to Cedric and thanks to all the applicants for the ECCA award; and to all conservationists working in Asia for their commitment to saving biodiversity."

Dr. Tan is recognized for his holistic approach to blending research with outreach and conservation education. After publishing his doctoral research on clouded leopards, Cedric used videos and signature campaigns to inform the public about the importance of the Ulu Muda forest in Malaysia as a water source, which eventually convinced the government to revoke logging permits. He uses games to teach serious scientific concepts and has mentored many young conservationists from more than 20 countries in Asia. “I am extremely honored and delighted to have received this prestigious award,” Dr. Tan said. “With my teaching and research, I hope that I can continue inspiring our future generation to contribute in every way possible to the preservation of wildlife."

The Asia Section will present Dr. Tan with his award next month at the Society’s 2019 International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2019) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.