Join the SCB Disciplinary Inclusion Task Force

Applications due May 15th, 2020

Conservation is as much about people as it is about the environment! While the Society for Conservation Biology’s historical roots were founded in the field of biology, we recognize that conservation in today’s complex, globalized world requires collaboration and inclusion of professionals from all fields.

SCB is forming the Disciplinary Inclusion Task Force to identify avenues for improving disciplinary inclusion, representation and accessibility to all individuals championing conservation solutions.

SCB’s Disciplinary Inclusion Task Force is recruiting 7-10 members from all countries and career stages, as well as practitioners who have targeted expertise. The Task Force will explore membership disciplinary diversity, member and non-member satisfaction, and avenues to improve both while growing our base.

Proposed activities & initiatives:

1. Interview and survey past or lapsed SCB members.

2. Conduct a current SCB membership survey.

3. Interview non-members to understand barriers to membership.

4. Conduct competitive analysis of other related organizations.

Members will be expected to commit to 10-hours/month to support Task Force initiatives. The Task Force will also include a 5-member steering committee to serve as the decision-making body and liaison with the SCB’s Board of Governors.

The Task Force will provide recommendations to SCB to improve inclusion, diversity, and accessibility within the society to enhance membership experience, retention, and expansion for non-biological scientists.

Task Force members will:

• Have a direct influence on improving SCB’s inclusivity and members’ experiences.

• Gain valuable experience working with a global team of passionate conservationists.

• Have the opportunity to attend multiple SCB-sponsored conferences and events.

• Co-author 1-3 publications that share the process and results of Task Force initiatives.

Application Process

To apply, please send the documents listed below by Friday, May 15th, 2020 to Sophia Winkler-Schor at

• Curriculum vitae (or extended resume)

• Statement of interest (250-400 words) that explains:

    - Why you would like to contribute to this initiative;

    - What disciplinary inclusion and diversity should look like in SCB.

• Statement of experience (250-400 words) that explains:

    - How long you have been an SCB member and SCB events you have participated in;

    - Your formal training and experience with focus group, interview, survey design, market and branding analysis methods;


    - Your background and experience addressing issues of disciplinary diversity, inclusion, and social justice;

    - Your experience and roles working on team projects, including skills that will best contribute to the Task Force.

Steering Committee

Experienced academics/practitioners are encouraged to serve on the Task Force’s Steering Committee. If you are interested, please explicitly state your interest and qualifications for overseeing this project.

Additional Application Information

* If you do not have a background, training, and/or experience with (a) diversity, inclusion, and social justice or (b) focus group, interview, and survey design methods please provide a through explanation of how your experience and qualifications align with the Task Force.

* Graduate students are encouraged to apply. We are providing the option to list contact information (name, institution, position, relationship, and email) for 1-2 references in support of your character and ability to contribute to the Task Force. While students generally less applied experience, we highly encourage their participation and believe this option will make the selection process more equitable.

* Conservation practitioners and researchers from under-represented nationalities and ethnicities strongly encouraged to apply. We understand that service-based work can be a financial limitation. If you are interested in applying but would require financial assistance please include an additional paragraph (100-200 words) explaining what financial assistance would be necessary for your participation.