Nominate Plenary Speakers for ICCB 2019


Do you know an exceptional conservation practitioner who you think would make a great plenary speaker for the International Congress for Conservatin Biology (ICCB) 2019 in Kuala Lampur? Here's your chance to nominate them!

We are looking for plenary speakers that are diverse, accomplished, dynamic, and inspirational! To nominate a potential plenary speaker, please send the information below to the ICCB Congress Chair Leslie Cornick at no later than 12 September.

  1. Name and affiliation of nominator
  2. Name and affiliation of nominee
  3. Conservation accomplishments of the nominee
  4. Connection of the nominee to the Malaysia region
  5. Why would this person be a dynamic, engaging, and inspiring plenary speaker?
  6. Have you seen the nominee give a 45-60 minute public presentation? How would you describe their presentation?
  7. Are you able to connect the ICCB Congress Chair with the nominee if there are selected for invitation?

The Steering Committee is looking forward to your nominations!