Terms of Reference: SCB President and Vice President for Membership

SCB is accepting nominations for its next president and vice president for membership.  Review the terms of reference for each position below. 

Please use this form to complete a self-nomination or to nominate someone else. The deadline to submit nominations is 17 September 2020. 

Read the call for nominations from former president of the SCB Oceania Section Richard Kingsford. 

Responsibilities: President-elect
The President-elect is a member of the Board of Governors, works closely with the President to maintain a consistent vision over the long-term, and is responsible for the Global Conference Committee (GCC). This is a standing committee to ensure that SCB convenings advance the SCB mission, meet member needs, and are managed in a fiscally responsible manner that maximizes efficacy, and keeps the BoG informed of the Committee’s success and challenges.
The President-elect is encouraged to chair the GCC but may also appoint a volunteer with experience chairing SCB conferences to chair and remain as an active member and liaison to the BoG. The President-Elect is also encouraged to engage with partner institutions.
The President-elect will also familiarise themselves with BOG proceedings and policies prior to assuming the President’s responsibilities.  
Responsibilities: President
The President of the SCB Board of Governors chairs the Board of Governors (BoG) to carry out their governance responsibilities, liaises between BoG and staff to help ensure the BoG’s directives and resolutions are carried out, reflecting the Society’s mission and responsibility to members in line with the bylaws. 
Specific Responsibilities of the President:
  • Lead the Society for Conservation Biology in achieving its vision and mission and implementing new initiatives which support and grow SCB.
  • Chair meetings (at least quarterly) of the Board of Governors and is a member of the BoG.
  • Responsible for leading governance of the BoG, including responsibility for all Board policies and procedures, conflicts of interest and confidentiality issues.
  • Assure effective orientation for new BoG members.
  • Preside over the General Members’ Meetings of the Society.
  • Review and ensure that the SCB budget produced by the Executive Office is balanced and sustainable and that the BoG executes their fiduciary responsibility to the Society.
  • Coordinate strategic planning, governance and organizational structure changes as needed, with periodic evaluation.
  • Annually assess executive managerial staff, including development and review of a performance management plan.
  • Annually assess the performance of the BoG.
  • Organize, charge, or discharge Standing committees, in consultation with the BoG.
  • Select the Chair of the Audit Committee, in compliance with standards set by California law, with the approval of the Board of Governors.
  • Serve as the BoG liaison to the Audit Committee.
  • Appoint/reappoint the Chair of the Governance Committee.
  • Mentor the President Elect for a smooth leadership transition.
  • Review high-profile outward facing communication sent to the membership.
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships and organizational engagements with SCB.
Qualifications: SCB President-elect / President
Eligible President-elect candidates should have a demonstrated track record of conservation achievements and leadership including: 
  • Is motivated to serve the SCB, the Board of Governors, and its members in a leadership role.
  • Has served as a member of the SCB Board of Governors in a position other than President Elect (view eligible candidates).
  • Has a strong conservation science publication record and is internationally recognized in the field.
  • Experience with journal editorial boards is highly desirable.
  • Experience reviewing organizational budgets.
  • Able to facilitate meetings, engage participation by all participants, and foster collective decision making.
  • Credibility with the donor community and demonstrated success at fundraising.
  • Natural affinity for cultivating relationships and building consensus among diverse individuals.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with natural affinity for public speaking.
  • Able to make difficult decisions and assume accountability for the SCB’s long-term sustainability and growth.
  • Track record of fundraising success.

Responsibilities: Vice President for Membership
The Vice President of Membership serves to support, increase and diversify the membership of SCB.  Serves as a liaison between the BoG and Sections, SCB members, Chapters and the Board. The position assists the Board and the Society as a whole and as Chair of the Chapters Committee shall facilitate the growth of and coordination among Chapters and Working Groups globally with close cooperation with the corresponding regional Sections. 

Specific Responsibilities of the Vice President for Membership: 
  • Serves as BoG liaison to the SCB Chapters Committee and other SCB committees as assigned, assuring that Chapter Committee’s Reports are completed on time.
  • Liaises with Sections in relation to new Chapters and management of Chapters and collaboratively identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Meet regularly (e.g. monthly) with the Chapters Committee.
  • Help Chapters Committee develop and implement a workplan to advance SCB’s mission, vision, strategic plan and goals.
  • Ensures that the Chapters registration is up to date and the data is shared with Section Presidents.
  • Inform Chapters Committee about SCB policy, practices, opportunities, and decisions relevant to Chapters.
  • Help identify potential fundraising opportunities for Chapters.
  • Identify initiatives to stimulate interest in SCB and increase membership.
Qualifications: Vice President for Membership
  • Is motivated to serve the SCB, the Board of Governors, and its members in a leadership role. 
  • Over three years of professional/post-graduate work in conservation science and/or practice.
  • Proficient speaker and writer of English, ideally with additional language skills.
  • Has good, cross-cultural listening and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Preferred experience working in several global geographic regions.
  • Interest in supporting students and early career conservation scientists and practitioners, and SCB members across all geographic regions.