Conference Committee


SCB Conference Committee (CC) shall provide firm guidance for SCB Conferences governance and policies to ensure that they help further the mission of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity.
The CC shall also provide support and feedback to SCB Conferences Steering Committees (CSC) in identifying adequate conference proposals and strategic goals, and in implementing conference guidelines to ensure that the Board of Governors (BoG) strategic goals are guiding their activities.

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Committee Members
Mike Mascia Chair
Laure Cugnière SCB Conference Coordinator
Alice Hughes SCB Asia Section Representative
Piero Visconti SCB Europe Section Representative
Tuyeni H. Mwampamba SCB Africa Section Representative
John Cigliano SCB Marine Section Representative
Olivier Chassot SCB Latin America and Caribbean Representative
Vanessa Adams SCB Oceania Representative
Carlos Carroll SCB North America Representative
Chris Parsons SCB Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group Representative
Sukhmani Mantel SCB Freshwater Working Group Representative
Doug Clark SCB Social Science Working Group Representative
Shonil Bhagwat SCB Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group Representative
Rebecca McCaffery SCB Chapters Representative
Terms of Reference

Updated: June 2016

The CC acts as the BoG's representative and liaison with SCB Executive Office (EO) to ensure that SCB Conferences and other Scientific Forums effectively further the mission of the Society for Conservation Biology to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. The CC collaborates with the BoG and the EO to fullfill its mandate.

Structure and Term
Chair (SCB President Elect) – Rotates every two years
EO Conference Coordinator – Permanent
Members – may be nominated by Section and Working Group Presidents, and Chapters Committee Chair, and approved by the Committee Chair or appointed by the Chair (one nominee representative per Section, Chapter Committee and Working Group)

Terms are for two years; members may serve multiple terms, at the discretion of the Chair

Conference governance and policies
Informal advising and support

Specifically, the CC

  1. Works with the BoG and EO to review and refine strategic goals for Congresses and other Scientific Forums, in accordance with the SCB Mission and Strategic Plan

  2. In collaboration with the EO, the CC reviews and refines conference governance, policies, and practices with respect to these strategic goals

  3. In collaboration with the EO, the CC advises and supports conference planning for the International Congress for Conservation Biology, SCB Section conferences, and other Learning Forums

  4. In collaboration with the EO and conference organizers, reviews the performance of SCB conferences and other Scientific Forums

  5. Consults other SCB standing committees, Sections, Working Groups, and members on conference-related issues, as necessary

Schedule and Reporting

  • Monthly Conference Call (Conference Coordinator in charge of schedule, agenda and minutes)

  • Quarterly update at BoG meeting

  • Yearly report to populate SCB annual report (due in January)