Science and Publications Committee

The Science and Publications Committee shall:

  1. ensure that the best and most relevant science is incorporated into all activities of the Society,
  2. evaluate the role and quality of current and potential Society publications and the Society's overall publications strategy, and
  3. recommend Editors in Chief of the Society's publications for appointment by the Board of Governors.


The SCB Scientific Committee works with the Board of Governors (BOG), its standing committees, editors, and staff, to implement SCB strategic goals regarding all science-related activities of the Society. Its purpose is to "identify and support the scientific research needed to understand and conserve biological diversity. Appraise scientific outputs and disseminate the highest quality science". (SCB 2011 Strategic Plan, pg. 3).

Committee Members


Mark Schwartz​ Chair
Diogo Verissimo Member
Adina Merenlender Member
Dominick DellaSala Member
Andrew Knight Member
Karen Beard Member
Malcom Hunter Member

Louise Glew

Robin Roth

Ellen Hines

Sarah Reed

Mark Burgman

Eddie Game




BoG Programs

Ex officio

Ex officio

Terms of Reference

The Science and Publications Committee has four key functions:

  • Science Filter – Provide scientific quality support to all of SCB’s efforts from publications to conference content.
  • Science Forward – Develop programmatic initiatives to advance the forefront of conservation science.
  • Science Further – Connect conservation science to management, policy and education.
  • Publications – Advise the Society on how best to develop and maintain a set of publications that allows the best science relevant in the conservation of biological diversity to be organized, reviewed, and disseminated to all interested and relevant bodies in research, management, and policy.

Specifically, the Science and Publications Committee will support the activities of the Society by providing review and strategic guidance, and by maintaining an oversight of the quality and application of conservation biology science. The committee will:

  1. Work with the Conference Committee, assist with all aspects of the meetings' scientific program, including the selection of plenary speakers, special sessions and contributed papers.
  2. Support policy work by advising on relevant expertise and areas of science that can contribute to policy issues.
  3. Work with the Development Committee, seek innovative ways of making scientific evidence available for use in policy and practice.
  4. Assist the Education Committee and Regions to review the global provision of conservation science education.
  5. In collaboration with editors and staff of the journals;
    • Reviews the quality, focus, and performance of the current publications with a view towards ensuring that the publications are, and continue to be, the leaders in their respective fields.
    • Undertakes forward looking strategic planning and oversight for the Society's publications: for example, evaluates new opportunities for journals, seeks strategic alliances for regional or thematic journals, and assesses new directions for both content and styles of publishing.
    • Works with the SCB Executive Office to establish realistic business plans for the journals, thus ensuring their financial security and providing opportunities for support to other Society activities.

On an annual basis the Science and Publications Committee will report to the BoG, highlighting successes, opportunities, gaps and, where relevant, recommending actions for elements of the work programme.