About SCB Committees

SCB Committees advance the Society's core areas of business and provide critical information and recommendations to aid SCB's Executive Office and BoG in their decision making and work.   Whether focusing on ways to maximize the creation and dissemination of conservation science; advancing science application to policy management, and education; enhancing member services; or empowering Regions, Working Groups, and Chapters to build local, national and international capacity, the work of our Committees is core to SCB’s mission, vision values and beliefs.

Interested in serving on an SCB Committee? Please complete this application by 30 November 2018!

2019 Committee openings are three year terms and include:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for conferring with the SCB independent auditor to assure that SCB’s financial affairs are in order, review the annual audit, and make a formal recommendation on whether to accept the annual audit. 

Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee is responsible for assisting and advising Chapters helping Chapters establish and grow; enabling Chapters to exchange ideas and information; increasing Chapter cooperation and coordination with other SCB Groups (Regions, Working Groups and Committees), facilitating the Chapter voice and presence within the larger SCB organization; strengthening the Chapter pipeline for increasing SCB membership, and encouraging Chapter contributions in implementing SCB’s strategic plan.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for reviewing required materials for the planning and management of official SCB Group Conferences (Regions, Working Groups, Chapters), providing group conference viability recommendations to the Executive Office and BoG, providing selection recommendation for ICCB location bids, providing guidance and support to consistently improve and maximize delegate experiences and assure that conference content advances the SCB mission and strategic priorities.

Education & Student Affairs Committee

The Education and Student Affairs Committee is responsible for facilitating and carrying out initiatives designed to advance and supportive undergraduate and graduate students, encouraging student participation in meetings, increasing SCB student memberships, creating opportunities for interaction among students and professionals, working with the Honors and Awards Committee to administer the student awards program, and helping with ICCB scientific and non-scientific student advancement events and the student presentation/poster judging process and awardee selection. 

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee

The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Committee is chaired by the BoG Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer.  The Chair shall appoint and maintain non-BoG Committee members who will help the Society realize its role and potential to become more inclusive and welcoming of diversity broadly, and to foster a shared vision and accepting position for the development of a diverse membership and leadership.  Responsibilities also include working to advance the ICCB EID strategy, implement efforts and activities that include and encourage participation of historically underrepresented groups, and identify resources necessary to accommodate member needs.

Finance & Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. The Chair shall appoint and maintain non-BoG Committee members who will help overseeing all aspects of Society finances, including the Board Designated Reserve (BDR), reviewing of annual/biennial budgets, and all financial practices.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for assisting with the diversification and increase of SCB revenue sources, providing experience and assistance with SCB fundraising and friendraising initiatives, identifying new fundraising efforts, and advancing the securement of Congress sponsors, travel grant funding, and exhibitors. 

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is chaired by the Past President.  The Governance Committee consists of the two most immediate Past Presidents and two other non-BoG members appointed by the Chair.  The Governance Committee is responsible for leading the BoG in regular reviews of its roles and responsibilities, preparing slates of nominees for the elected offices of the Board of Governors, periodically reviewing the governance structure of the Society and making recommendations to the BoG that it deems appropriate, and periodically evaluating the functioning of the BoG and SCB Committees and advising the BoG and SCB Committees on needed changes. 

Honors & Awards Committee

The Honors & Awards Committee is responsible for working with the ICCB Steering Committee and all SCB Committees, Regions, Working Groups, and Chapters to coordinate the processes and protocols needed for determining and managing the honors and awards distributed to the SCB community. 

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for maximizing marketing trends and opportunities and providing support for building awareness of SCB members and programs to internal and external audiences, helping to develop an ICCB marketing strategy prior to the Congress, advance and implement the communications strategy to promote Congress activities in real time, and identify and facilitate media coverage after the Congress.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for monitoring SCB membership-related matters including SCB member benefits and resources, advancing SCB Chapter growth, impacts and coordination, coordinating routine membership needs and satisfaction surveys, and advancing recruitment and retention of individual and organizational members. 

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing, compiling, and archiving policy statements from all SCB Regions; proposing topics and commissioning papers leading to formal statements of the Society on science-related policy issues with subsequent publication in Conservation Biology, reviewing and assigning external review of commissioned papers, evaluating  issues, recommending  positions, and proposing Society actions on issues related to conservation biology and policy where the scientific or management expertise of the Society may be of value, and developing informational materials that are consistent with the aims of the Society. 

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for evaluating the role and quality of current and potential Society publications and the Society's overall publications strategy, increasing diversity of editors and submitters, conducting long-term impact trends of SCB members work in SCB publications, and recommending Editors in Chief of the Society's publications for appointment by the Board of Governors as needed.