Section News

  • Congratulations to Sophia Jingo, the winner of the Young Women Conservation Biologists Award (YWCB) 2016. Competition for the award this year was particularly tough, but Sophia’s inspiring work made her a worthy winner. Born and raised within a national park, Sophia has been passionate about conserving wildlife her whole life. Her father was a small-scale agro-pastoralist with family land existing within the boundaries of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Sophia was raised to appreciate the importance of wildlife and to understand why it is valuable to protect wildlife and wild places. She is now a leading carnivore conservationist and is destined to be a transformative leader of wildlife conservation not only for Uganda, but for the East African region and beyond.
  • The Cameroon Chapter of SCB was born! It took the organizers less than two weeks to get this done. Notices were sent out and they received overwhelming responses. And within a week, they organized their inaugural meeting, created the Chapter and elected their Chapter board. Already, they have started working towards capacity building for their members through mentoring for proposal writing, among other training opportunities. If you are interested in joining the Cameroon Chapter, kindly contact Dr. Kevin Njabo. The group recently started a Facebook group, named SCB-Cameroon Chapter.
  • Assistant editor Israel Binoyi will join more than 300 leading scientists, producers, filmmakers, writers and technology innovators in September 2016 in Boston to celebrate the best science and media innovations at the Science Media Awards and Summit 2016 (SMASH).
  • Israel Borokini, the Section's Information Officer and board member was appointed as the Secretary of SCB Global Chapters Committee. He will assist in representing the Africa Section on the start-up of new chapters.
  • Finally, the 3rd African Congress for Conservation Biology (ACCB 2016) will be held from 4th to 8th September, 2016.  Go ahead and register for the much anticipated meeting!