Ecovillage Design Education for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

By Joshua Konkankoh      

Bringing the Smiles Back. Photo credit: Better World Cameroon.

An ecovillage is a human-scale, full-featured settlement, with multiple centers of initiative, in which human activities are integrated into the natural world without adverse effects. Better World Cameroon (BWC) is a non-profit working with stakeholders to create the Bauft ecovillage by 2020.

In October, BWC will organize a first-time Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) for sustainable development; an internationally certified course by Gaia Education by which cottage industries would be chosen to be established. Business plans of young entrepreneurs to join a group of companies under our new cooperative structure BetterCOOP are being studied. The plan is to match each of these entrepreneurs with some of the world's foremost business and industry experts in Sekem, Egypt's Heliopolis University and the Global Ecovillage Family GEN International, all of whom have graciously offered to provide customized feedback to help launch and scale Bafut Ecovision2020 great ideas.  BetterCOOP is thus a powerful cause engagement and partnership platform that is intended to bring ease, community impact and fun to the BWC team and volunteers, and developing sustainable businesses for a better world.

The Ndanifor Permaculture Demonstration Center, in only two years of existence, has become a powerful cause engagement platform for bringing ease, well-being, community impact and fun to BWC Team and volunteers working together to develop sustainable solutions for a better world.

BWC’s overarching goal is to ensure that young people in remote villages of Africa will be empowered to offer their services in community health and natural high value health products to the markets of the developed world.  

Joshua Konkankoh is program associate at Better World Cameroon.