African Conservation Telegraph

Volume 12, Issue 1– January 2017

Editorial – Climate Change in Africa

This special issue on climate change in Africa comes at a time when climate change naysayers with power and pelf will likely up the ante on engaging with climate scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders. That being said, doing good science is the only way to trump potential setbacks on the climate change front.

Our conservationist of the month is Tilo Nadler – a renowned primatologist based in Cuc Phuong, Vietnam. He spoke about the subtleties of climate change from his work and travels around the world. 

Eli Greenbaum writes about his team’s rediscovery of the stunning Itombwe Golden Frog in the South Kivu province of the DRC.

Phoebe Barnard’s research is a pointer to Africa’s vulnerability to climate change impacts as elucidated in her piece herewith.

Krista Oswald et al. illustrate how species cope with climate change from their study of the rockjumpers in Fynbos.

Paul Basudde dwells on making green growth work in Uganda and Santosh Mishra inputs a climate change research agenda for Africa.

We wish our readers the very best for 2017 and thank you for being with us on this journey to showcase nature conservation efforts in Africa. The next issue is due April 2017 and is planned as a special issue on the wildlife art in Africa. As always, we look forward to your contributions.


Murali Pai

Israel Bionyi
Assistant Editor                                                                                               

Murali Pai is editor ACT, wildlife biologist and veterinarian.

Israel Bionyi is assistant editor ACT and communications specialist at Douala, Cameroon.