Editorial – Endangered Birds of Africa

Africa is home to more than 25% of the world’s bird species. Of the recorded 2355 species, 247 are threatened with extinction and 29 are categorized as critically endangered or in imminent danger of extinction. 

We bring stories of some lesser known but endangered winged beauties from East and West Africa.

Luca Borghesio writes about the vanishing birds of Taita hills in southern Kenya.

Francis Guetse et.al. give a brief account about their research on one of the most endangered and least understood birds, the Mount Cameroon francolin.

Guilain Tsetagho dwells on the red-headed picathartes or Cameroon rockfowl.

Agha Valery Binda and Alain Ngute focus on two endangered bird species of the Bamenda Highlands – the banded wattle-eye and Bannerman’s Turaco, both endemic to Cameroon.

Israel Bionyi admires the endearing African grey parrots and rues the demand for them as pets. Ben Freeman recounts his field study on the threatened birds of Liberia.

Enjoy reading. Big thanks to all our contributors for choosing the ACT with their work

The next issue is due December 2017 and is planned as a special issue on Continental Ties in Primate Conservation. As always, we look forward to your contributions.


Murali Pai, Editor
Israel Bionyi, Deputy Editor
Alain Senghor K. Ngute, Assistant Editor