Editorial -- Managing Invasive Species in Africa

Volume 15, Issue 3 - Dec 2019

When the world eyed Africa for precious metals and ##### labor, it was not foreseen that alien plants, insects and animals would be far more daunting than a depletion of natural resources.

Managing invasive species in Africa is the theme of our sixth anniversary issue.

To begin with, Craig George pays tribute to Richard Nelson – a pioneering naturalist who recently passed on in Alaska. Dick Nelson was a votary of good science practiced by indigenous people which is often the first line of defense against the spread of invasive species.

Ajiboye et al. write about the invasive species of Nigeria, and how one insect, the fall armyworm, has ravaged cereal crops in recent times.

Xavier Medialdea gives an account on Lantana camara, a shrub that has literally spread across the length and breadth of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

Daniel Hughes elucidates the impacts of invasive fish on African amphibians.

Big thanks to all our contributors for choosing to publish with us.

The next issue is due March 2020 and is planned as a special issue on ecosystem services in Africa.

As always, we look forward to your contributions. Wishing our readers, a great year ahead!