Editorial - One Health in Africa

One Health is the well-being of people, livestock, pets, wildlife and their shared environment. Africa is a crucible of One Health and also ground-zero for its untoward consequences like Ebola. That being said, tuberculosis kills more people and animals in Africa than the sum total of all plagues.

Prof. Madhukar Pai highlights the importance of scaling up diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Jennifer Mwangi and Dr. Lynn Wilson write about SeaTrust Institute’s AWARE program in Kenya.

Kerry Sink, SANBI’s marine program officer, is our conservationist of the month and is interviewed by her colleague and our resource person Phoebe Barnard.  Kerry Sink and SCB Africa Section education and science officer Jennifer O’Leary are PEW fellows. ACT congratulates Kerry and Jennifer on their zeal and success.

Researchers from University of Trento report an interesting case of science-policy interface in Tanzania. Joshua Konkankoh gives a short account on Ecovillage design education for sustainable development in Cameroon.

Tuyeni Mwampamba is excited about the work for the African Congress for Conservation Biology (ACCB) to be held 4 – 8 September 2016 at El Jadida, Morocco. Israel Borokini dwells on the formation of the new SCB Chapters in Africa. The call for nominations of the Young Women in Conservation Biology (YWCB) will be open until June 15, 2016.

The next issue is due August 2016 and is planned as a special issue on Renewable Energy for Africa. Your contributions are most welcome.


Murali Pai  
Editor, ACT                                                                                                          

Nyoh Israel Binoyi
Assistant Editor, ACT

Murali Pai is a wildlife biologist. Nyoh Israel Binoyi is a communications specialist, blogger and freelance writer.