Editorial – Renewable Energy for Africa

There is an upsurge in interest for renewable energy across Africa.  The solar, wind, geothermal and hydel resources of the continent are inestimable and never mentioned at that round table in Berlin when Africa was carved out by the then superpowers.  While the developed world still shops in Africa for the Uranium to power nuclear reactors, most Africans are inured to the frequent power outages that make living a chore.

Katrin Puetz is our conservationist of the month and founder of (B) energy, a non-profit gaining credence in the field of portable bio gas in Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC and even branching out to India.  Katrin speaks to Ed. Pai about her work and future plans.

Sachi Decou writes about raising the bar for off-grid solar deployment in Tanzania. Sachi is a ‘small idea, big gains’ inventor and designer, and more power to such innovators for Africa to turnaround on the energy front.

David Nkwanga gives an account of his work with refugee settlements in Uganda, so germane even as refugees pour into the continent from many conflicts within and outside.

Cameroon's tryst with renewable energy is covered as well.

All roads will lead to El Jadida, Morocco, for ACCB 2016 in early September. We look forward to meeting with our readers at the conference.

The next issue is due November 2016 and is planned as a special issue on the wildlife trade in Africa. Your contributions are most welcome.


Murali Pai

Israel Bionyi
Assistant Editor

Murali Pai is editor ACT and Technical Advisor at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam.

Israel Bionyi is assistant editor ACT and communications specialist at Douala, Cameroon.