Lion Man from Soweto

By Radhika Perrot

Quinton Mojaki is a budding artist, a 16-year old student of commerce and accounting in Grade 11 at the P J Simelane School, Soweto. His home is in the vicinity of school and he travels 30 kms to different suburbs of Johannesburg during weekends and holidays to sell his art pieces.  His calm demeanour and perseverance to sit out on the street with his paintings for hours on end is commendable.

Quinton was open to new ideas when some examples of wildlife art were shown to him on a mobile phone.  He was happy for the suggestions and was inspired to paint the Lion Man for ACT. This artist’s creativity and zeal to experiment with oil, watercolour and digital art would get a fillip if he were to enroll in an art college after he is finished with high school.

Here is wishing Quinton the very best in his journey to be a full-fledged wildlife artist. 

Lion Man; Pen on paper 11 x 16 in by Quinton Mojaki ©2017

Radhika Perrot is a researcher on climate change and sustainability based in Johannesburg.