The Rock Climber

By Sofiya Sukhova

The Walia ibex (Capra walia Ruppell, 1835) is an endangered ibex, endemic to Ethiopia, with a population of 500 animals, mostly confined to the Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP) in the North Gonder Zone, Amhara Region. The SMNP is a singular habitat of gorges and gully’s forming steep and jagged cliffs preferred by these surefooted rock climbers.

The Park was established in 1969 by Clive William Nicol, a Welsh-Japanese naturalist and author of From the Roof of Africa (1971). The book is a narrative on his travels and travails in the Simiens. This world heritage site (1978) is in danger due to livestock grazing, fuel wood collected, tree felling and crop cultivation.

Walia Ibex; Watercolour on paper 32.6x30.5cm by Sofiya Sukhova ©2017.

Sofiya Sukhova is a Singapore-based wildlife artist and conservationist. Through her art projects, exhibitions and special events she contributes to conservation awareness in Southeast Asia and other global ecoregions.

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