The Conservation Culturomics (ConsCult) Working Group aims to promote the use of new forms of digital data and methods to explore cultural dimensions of human-nature interactions. Its goals are to facilitate the integration of digital methods in conservation and generate new metrics and insights on the cultural profile of natural entities and human engagements with biodiversity that will support conservation science, policy and practice.

To fulfill these goals, we aim to build a truly multi-disciplinary group with interests that span the natural, social and computational sciences. We have a number of activities planned for the upcoming months, including attendance at regional and international SCB meetings, a special issue on the topic of conservation culturomics and an assessment of the uptake of digital technologies for conservation. We are looking forward to adding new members to our group, so if you are interested in joining us in these ventures, please contact us via Twitter or through the ConsCult Listserv.

For more information about the working group, please contact Ricardo Correia or Uri Roll.