Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee shall facilitate the growth of and coordination among Chapters globally and assist Chapters in contributing to the mission of the Society. 


Chapters are the grassroots of SCB and include student and professional members. Their scope encompasses universities and institutions, cities, counties, states, regions, and countries. Chapters have a long tradition within SCB and undertake restoration work, education, public outreach, public policy, and professional networking and development. One key strength of Chapters is that they can make very specific responses to local manifestations of broader conservation biology concerns, manifestations that affect the environment and the public directly and deeply. Other key strengths are that they introduce new members to SCB, inspire an enduring interest in SCB’s work, and provide opportunities for SCB members to take concrete action in the name of the Society.

The Chapters Committee assists and advises Chapters as well as strengthens the contribution of Chapters to SCB. The Committee does so in the following ways: helping Chapters establish and grow; enabling Chapters to exchange ideas and information; increasing Chapter cooperation and coordination with other subgroups of SCB; facilitating the Chapter voice and presence within the larger SCB organization; and encouraging Chapter contributions in implementing SCB’s strategic plan. Committee membership is open to any member of SCB who has a commitment to furthering the purpose and activities of Chapters.

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Committee Members
Erin Poor Chair       
Indrani Sasmal Financial Affairs  
Alysha Cypher New Chapters Coordinator
Vacant Secretary
Karla Pelz Serrano Online Media Coordinator
Vacant Webmaster (main SCB Chapters pages)  
Elisee Tchana Web Coordinator (individual Chapter sites)  
Vacant Chapters Conference events co-cordinator 

Alysha Cypher

Liaison to the North America Region
Chapters rep on the global conference committee

Vacant Public Policy (North America Chapters)  
Judicael Fomukong Public Policy Global
Sheri Glowinski Education (SCB Education Committee Liaison)  
Sadie Ryan Student Affairs (SCB Student Affairs Sub-Committee Liaison)  
Morgan Gray Event Grants Coordinator
Eric Ramirez Liaison to the LACA Region  
Mary Ng'endo Liaison to the Africa Region
Vacant Liaison to the Marine Global Program
Natalia Huang Liaison to the Asia Region
Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis Chapter Outside Grants Coordinator
Morgan Gray Event Grants Coordinator
Shannon Rivera Liaison to the Oceania Region
Kathy Halvorsen Liaison to the SSWG

Terms of Reference

Updated: March 22, 2010

The purpose of the Chapters Committee is to facilitate the growth of and coordination among Chapters globally and to assist Chapters in contributing to the overall mission of the Society. This mission is fulfilled by pursuing three overarching goals for Chapters: growth, visibility, and networking. To meet these goals, the Chapters Committee works in seven strategic areas with accompanying tasks and activities:

  1. Chapter housekeeping
    • Annual Chapter registrations
    • Bylaw and other documentation updates
    • Strategic planning
    • Tracking of Chapter activities and needs
    • Biannual reports to the Board of Governors
  2. Communication
    • Maintain the main Chapters webpage on the SCB website
    • Provide web hosting for individual Chapter websites
    • Facilitate social networking tools
    • Regular all-Chapter conference calls
    • Newsletter contributions by and about Chapters
  3. Intra-organizational Relations
    • Coordinate with SCB Regions
    • Coordinate with SCB Working Groups
    • Coordinate with SCB Global Programs
    • Represent Chapters on other SCB committees
    • Coordinate with the Executive Office
    • Joint activities with multiple Chapters and other SCB subgroups
  4. New Chapters
    • Advise and assist new Chapters and potential Chapters
    • Facilitate sister Chapter connections
    • Maintain and update “A Guide to Starting and Running a SCB Chapter”
  5. SCB Conference Activities
    • Lead capacity-building workshops
    • Oversee Chapter contributions to the SCB information booth
    • Co-host the Chapter/Student/BOG mixer
    • Host leadership retreats
    • Lead or contribute to Networking Night
    • Conduct the Chapters Business Roundtable
    • Coordinate other activities to promote networking, visibility, or growth
  6. Finances
    • Provide project and travel grants
    • Maintain a general budget within the Executive Office for committee and Chapter activities
    • Coordinate with the Executive Office and other SCB subgroups on major fundraising activities
  7. SCB’s Strategic Plan
    • Assist with activities that fulfill SCB’s strategic plan, particularly in the areas of public policy, education, and organizational capacity.