Welcome everyone to the page for the Nigeria Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (NSCB)!

The Nigeria Chapter has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commision of Nigeria on 8th March 2022 as: “Nigerian Society for Conservation Biology LTD/GTE” (COMPANY REGISTRATION NO. 1902773 incorporated under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 2020).

NSCB was established to bring together conservation professionals and practitioners to discuss different issues bothering on biodiversity conservation in Nigeria.

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It provides an opportunity for us all as specialists in the field of conservation to discuss together on how the known science and the art of conservation can translate into solving environmental and societal problems in Nigeria.

NSCB was registered:

  • To advance the conservation and protection of Nigerian biodiversity through research, participation, and engagement of conservation professionals and practitioners as well as policy makers and the general public.
  • To create a forum for networking, deliberation, and interaction on current conservation issues as well as presentation of research findings by researchers and academics.
  • To build capacity and create empowerment for students and professionals in the biodiversity conservation profession.
  • To promote conservation science to the public and through all levels of education.
  • To establish peer reviewed publication outlets for scientific dissemination of quantitative and qualitative research findings


It is a known fact that Nigeria, just like other developing African countries, has witnessed a certain percentage of biodiversity loss; some of which are irreversible and various forms of environmental challenges including depletion of our different valuable ecological resources as a result of over-exploitation, natural and artificial disasters etc.

Nigeria Chapter of SCB was endorsed to be a chapter of SCB in January 2014 with about 26 membership status. After the endorsement, the Chapter has grown its members to over a hundred and there is still more members being added. 

NSCB - started with sole goal of elevating conservation science & practice in Nigeria especially within education, policy & society at large. The utmost vision of NSCB - to have a Nigeria where natural biodiversity & environment are in a state of flourishing together; based on sound science, informed policies & volunteer spirit.

A collaborative effort of all Nigerian conservation experts are needed to increase national awareness towards sustainable conservation and utilization of the different diverse biological resources of Nigeria.

NSCB Activities

  • Biodiversity Conservation Conference (biannual)
  • Bimonthly webinar
  • Policy and Advocacy Activities
  • Mentorship for young Conservationists
  • Conservation Education for Primary and Secondary school students
  • Establishment of Conservation Gardens in Schools

NSCB Executives

Nigerian Chapter of Society for Conservation Biology has had a new set of executives since 3rd of August 2021. The newly elected executives are as follows:

  • President - Dr. Adedotun Onoyinka Afolayan {Ecology and Environmental Biologist; National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, Moor Plantation, Apata, Ibadan}
  • President-elect (Vice) - Dr. Fatsuma Olaleru {Non-Human Primate Ecology and Conservation Expert, University of Lagos}
  • Financial Secretary - Dr. Michelle Fasona {Natural Resources and Conservation Expert, University of Lagos}
  • Secretary - Mr. Abubakar S. Ringim {Biodiversity Conservation Expert, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State}
  • Assistant Secretary - Dr. Oghenekevwe J. Arabomen {Forest Science Expert, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan}

Clockwise: Dr. Adedotun Onoyinka Afolayan, Dr. Fatsuma Olaleru, Dr. Oghenekevwe J. Arabomen, Mr. Abubakar Ringim, Dr. Michelle Fasona

NSCB Board of Trustees: 

  • Prof. Bola Adeleke (former NSCB Secretary) Osun State University, Nigeria
  • Dr. Folaranmi D. Babalola (Former NSCB President), University of Ilorin, Nigeria
  • Dr. Joseph Onoja, Nigeria Conservation Foundation, Nigeria
  • Dr. Stephen M. Awoyemi, Central European University, Austria

From left to right: Prof. Bola Adeleke, Dr. Folaranmi D. Babalola, Dr. Joseph Onoja, Nigeria, Dr. Stephen M. Awoyemi

Policy Group:

Principal Policy Officer - Mr. Abubakar S. Ringim and

Policy Working Team Members:

  • Mr. Adeniran A. Akanni 
  • Dr. Abidemi Raji
  • Mrs. Bridget Ogolowa
  • Mr. Emmanuel E. Oseghale

Policy Council Members

  • Dr. Awoyemi Stephen
  • Dr. Fatsuma Olaleru – Vice President
  • Dr. Adedotun Afolayan - President
  • Other volunteers

NSCB Policy & Advocacy Group

Goal – to strengthen & defend policies that promote conservation & sustainable use of Nigeria diverse biodiversity.

Scope – Local (within Nigeria)

NSCB-PAG Principal Policy Officer


a. Initiate and develop credible policy (ies) for NSCB. 

b. Coordinate the NSCB’s policy and advocacy strategies. 

c. Liaise with the global Society for Conservation Biology for policy approval. 

d. Undertake media campaigns and public speaking using social media (wherever possible), 

including social media handles to facilitate civic engagement and collective action regarding 

biodiversity conservation in Nigeria. 

NSCB-PAG Members


Assist NSCB Principal Policy Officer in setting strategic policy and advocacy directions for NSCB.

Assist in NSCB policy development.

Convey and manage advocacy strategies.

Undertakes media campaigns and public speaking using social media (wherever possible) to facilitate civic engagement and collective action regarding biodiversity conservation in Nigeria.

Developed and Circulated Policy Documents

Position Statement on the State of Okomu National Park

Report of Fact Finding Trip to Olomu as Follow-up on the Illegal Logging Activities at Okomu National Park (ONP), Nigeria