What is the CPCSCB?

The Colorado Plateau Chapter is one of 31 North American Section Chapters of the Society for Conservation Biology–a 12,000 member international professional organization from 140 countries, dedicated to promoting the scientific study and conservation of global biodiversity.

The CPCSCB is intended to be a networking and information resource for anyone working on issues affecting the biological diversity of the Colorado Plateau. Our primary purpose is to engage and link practicing conservation scientists; who often are working alone or in small groups across the vast Plateau region, often with limited communication and interaction, with others working on similar issues. The Chapter strives to serve as a hub for information and communications, linking members via a website, Facebook and Blogspot pages and periodic chapter meetings.

We hope that the Chapter will also become a resource for the general public, students, landowners, Tribes, the media, and others who are interested in the conservation of the biologically and culturally diverse Colorado Plateau. Our objective is to develop a "virtual community" of conservation scientists, so that we can better participate with others in effective planning, decision-making, and management of our shared resources. This web site, along with our social media tools, will serve as the hub for Chapter communications; providing contact information to members, highlighting important and emerging scientific issues that affect land and resource management, and providing links to other information sources.

Becoming a member of the Chapter is simple and inexpensive. Download our annual membership registration form here. Becoming a member of SCB global confers additional benefits to Chapter members and is strongly recommended.

As a member of the Chapter, you can assist in developing and refining ideas on issues ranging from experimental design to policy recommendations to ongoing monitoring efforts. Your input is essential in building this resource into an informative, helpful tool. Please submit new items, inquiries, suggestions, links, and issues of general interest to the CP Chapter Office, and we will work with you to identify the best way to share this information with the chapter members.
 CPCSCB Chapter Charter and Bylaws


The Colorado Plateau Region

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The Colorado Plateau Chapter provides a forum for communication for the region's widely dispersed scientific community, and others interested in the study and conservation of the Plateau's living resources. Click for more.