ACT - Volume 9 Issue 2 

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Editorial - Protected Areas of Africa

We embarked on this Special Issue dedicated to ‘Protected Areas in Africa’ and soon realized all the good people managing parks and sanctuaries in Africa were hard at work. They had neither the time nor inclination to write about their work. That said, the first respondent was Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Kenya. Dame Daphne is a pioneering wildlife rehabilitator who devised the first milk replacement formula feed for orphaned newborn elephant calves and has integrated nearly 200 African elephant calves with wild herds in Kenya. Her short piece on Tsavo is about a park she knows so well from the time it was established.
Peter Chadwick, wildlife photographer and conservationist, writes about a wetland named miracle in South Africa.  Amanda Lewis at MSU gives a brief history of Amboseli National Park, and Jennifer O’Leary (California Polytechnic University) and Arthur Tuda (Kenya Wildlife Service), showcase the Marine Protected Areas of Kenya. Salmatu Fadu, a conservation biologist from Nigeria, tells us about Yankari wildlife reserve in Nigeria. Cynthia Walley writes about African Parks, an NGO involved in managing parks with a business approach in Africa. Ethnographer and film maker, Jean Lydall, is our conservation of the month.
Congrats to the newly elected SCB Africa Section Board Members:
- President Elect: Martin NGANJE; Education and Science Officer - Jennifer K. O’Leary; Information Officer - Temitope Israel Borokini.
Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka, Director, MadagasikaraVoakajy has won the Young Women Conservation Biologists (YWCB) Award 2015. The panel was highly impressed by her exemplary commitment and contribution to conservation in Madagascar and her growth from volunteer researcher to director of MadagasikaraVoakajy in less than one decade.
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The next issue is due August 2015 and is planned as a special issue on ‘Wildlife Rehabilitation in Africa and Influences Beyond’.  Your papers are most welcome.
Murali Pai and Israel Bionyi

Murali Pai is the Editor of ACT and a faculty member at Arba Minch University, Ethiopia and Israel Bionyi is the Assistant Editor of ACT and a Communications Specialist, Douala, Cameroon.