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Urban Ecology Working Group

Urban ecology is fast becoming a relevant and important sub-discipline in the field of conservation biology.  As more rural areas are subject to land conversion (suburbs, metropolitan areas, cities), the impacts to wildlife habitat and consequently wildlife populations and communities becomes of concern.  The resulting issues—including human-wildlife conflict, disruptions to predator-prey dynamics, unintentional invasive species introductions, and environmental justice issues, to name a few—can have lasting impacts at the landscape and the local levels, and be difficult for managers and on-the-ground practitioners to reverse.  Urban ecology is a varied and exciting field combining the disciplines of ecology, conservation, fish and wildlife management, social science and human dimensions, policy, environmental science and economics. 

The Urban Ecology Working Group was formed to share ideas and information regarding these issues, and to allow interested SCB members to engage and collaborate on research and projects that can push the needle on urban issues.

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