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Madagascar Chapter

The Madagascar Chapter Society of Conservation Biology is the national chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB).  The SCB is an international organization dedicated to promoting the scientific research on biological diversity, as well as factors that influence maintenance, loss, and restoration of natural communities and habitats. Since Madagascar is recognized as one of hottest hotspots for biodiversity conservation, the Madagascar Chapter has an important mission in reinforcing national capacities, promoting exchanges and sharing opportunities among stakeholders that are interested in biodiversity conservation. The Chapter is welcoming resource managers, faculty members, educators, government, private conservation practitioners and students to join us for these objectives. As a Chapter, we share in the organization’s vision of « a world where people understand, value, and conserve the diversity of life on Earth. We envision SCB, a global community of conservation professionals, as a leading scientific voice for the study and conservation of Earth’s biological diversity. »

The Madagascar Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology was created in January 2016 following initiatives from Malagasy conservation and research stakeholders. We follow the SCB’s mission to ‘advance the science and practice of conserving the earth’s biological diversity. We engage in on-the-ground conservation activities and connect SCB members in Madagascar.



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