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SCB has six Regions, one each for Africa; Asia; Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands; Europe; North America; and South and Central America and the Caribbean. Regions are vital elements within the Society working regionally on issues to achieve our common goal. You do not have to reside within the geographic boundaries of a Section to be a member, you simply need interest in conservation within that region or discipline. Visit any of our Region web sites by clicking on the Region below.

SCB Regions

Click here to see how SCB geographically defines our Regions

Benefits of joining a SCB Region

Regions are a sub-membership within the parent organization that represents regional interests or the discipline of marine conservation biology. Each Region has representation on the Global Network Board which is the governing body of the Society and guides us toward achieving our mission. Regions are able to take SCB's mission and goals and implement them on a regional scale to achieve real results. Joining a Region gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard on issues that affect your conservation interests.

For examples of Regions activities, be sure to explore each of our Region Web Sites (linked above). Regions often hold regional meetings in the areas of interest, click to learn more about regional meetings.

How do I join a Region?

Upon joing SCB, members add one Region to their member profile. Members may switch their Region at any time from their member home page (following the links to your society involvement). Members may also update their Region upon renewing their membership in SCB.