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Europe Section


Europe Section

SCB Europe Section focuses on the conservation of biodiversity in Europe and the EU.

Our Mission:

The SCB Europe Section is a network of professionals working for the conservation of biodiversity with a special interest in European issues.

The Europe Section was formed to promote conservation biology and its application to conserve biological diversity in Europe. The principal goals of the Section are:

To increase awareness and understanding of European conservation issues.
To strengthen conservation biology research and its application in Europe .
To advocate for biological diversity and willingly offer and promote the role of scientific review in assessment of conservation strategies.
To develop, promote and facilitate networks of communication and collaboration among Society members, and other researchers, managers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in Europe and throughout the world.

SCB-Europe has: 

an international Board of 10 members;
five standing committees:  CommunicationEducation, Membership and Policy; a Mediterranean Ad Hoc Committee and an increasing number of new Chapters.

There are over 500 European Section members (February 2016), representing 28 countries from all over Europe.

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