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Europe Section Board Information


Current Board Members

John Piccolo, President
Karlstad University, Sweden

John Piccolo is a professor at Karlstad University and serves on the advisory board for the journal The Ecological Citizen.

Anna VargaPhD 
Assistant Research Fellow, MTA Centre for Ecological Research

Anna is an ecologist, ethnobiogist from Hungary. Her main research interests are the biocultural diversity of the silvopastoral systems (wood pastures, forest grazing). She is also interested in community-based conservation, environmental education and conservation optimism movement. She is an alumni of the Global Environments Summer Academy (2011), and has a PhD (2018) from the University of Pécs.

Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki, PhD

Research Fellow, Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Vácrátót, Hungary

Anikó is an ecologist from Hungary. Her main research interests are wild bee ecology and pollination ecology. She is also interested in conservation biology related problems in agricultural ecosystems and beyond. She has a PhD (2012) from environmental sciences.
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Catarina Campos Ferreira, Secretary 
European Biodiversity Conservation Coordinator, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Catarina is a terrestrial ecologist with a PhD from IREC-UCLM (Spain) awarded in 2011, and extensive international research experience. She is mostly interested in advancing our understanding of the impacts human-driven threats have on biodiversity (such as land use changes, overexploitation and climate change), using mammals as model systems and a mix of state-of-the-art statistical approaches. She has also extensive cross-sectoral experience having worked for the private and public government sectors, academia and she is currently coordinating several conseervation projects at the European level for the largest environmental organization in the world.
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Stefan Kreft, Board Member and Policy Committee Chair
Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde, Germany

Francisco MoreiraMediterranean Committee Chair
CIBIO/InBIO, University of Porto, Portugal

Francisco is a biologist, researcher at the CIBIO – University of Porto, Portugal. His research interests include fire ecology, biodiversity in agricultural and forest landscapes and the impact of linear infrastructures (power lines, roads) on biodiversity. He is the coordinator of the Mediterranean Ad Hoc Committee and a member of the SCB-Europe Policy Committee.

Gabor L. Lovei, Board Member & Chair of Education Committee
Senior Scientist, Aarhus University & Minjiang Professor, Fujian Agricultural & Forestry University, Fuzhou, China 

Gabor is a terrestrial ecologist with research interests in invasion biology, environmental biosafety, agroecology, conservation biology, biodiversity, and ornithology. Over the past 35 years he has studied vertebrate and invertebrate ecology in Europe, East Africa, New Zealand, and China, and has published 100+ peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, essays, reports and conference proceedings papers. He is also interested in scientific communication.

Jonas Geldmann, PhD Member-at-Large
Research fellow, University of Cambridge, UK

Jonas Geldmann is a research fellow at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, working on the effectiveness of protected areas, particularly the role of resources and management in shaping conservation outcomes. He is the co-chair of the IUCN WCPA specialist group on Management Effectiveness and has a PhD (2014) from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Maylis Desrousseaux, PhD
Environmental Lawyer & IPBES Fellow, France 

Maylis Desrousseaux is a young researcher specializing in soil protection. A lawyer by training, her research is part of an interdisciplinary framework and she has been working for several years on issues related to the perception of land by law, nationally and internationally. These reflections led her to question the notion of the common good, confronted with various regimes of land ownership. By extension, her works address issues of food security, urban agriculture, biodiversity and environmental governance.

Petra Mihalic,
Member at Large
Communication Committee Chair

Master of LA, MPhil
Senior Conservation Officer, Public service authority, Zagreb, Croatia

Petra has extensive professional experience in nature conservation sector promoting integration of biodiversity considerations into projects, plans and programs. She is also working on Natura2000 ecological network, ensuring application of EU Birds and Habitats Directives. She is very interested in assessing the contribution of conservation areas outside formal protected areas to wildlife status and sustainable natural resource management. Petra is highly motivated in helping creating better more justice societies where nature and biodiversity is valued.

Stefan Kreft

Teuta Skorin Association  Membership Committee Chair
"Lijepa nasa", International Eco-Schools Programme, Zagreb, Croatia

Future Members

If you are interested in being a member of the Europe Section Board you must be a member of SCB and a member of the Section. Generally 2 to 4 board members are elected annually. The Call for Nominations goes out in September or October and the election runs in October or November. Each year section members receive an email about the open positions and the start of the election process. For more information about getting involved with this board, please contact a board member




The SCB-ES bylaws outlines the procedure for the sections governance.

Bylaws (current version not yet adopted)

Strategic plan:

To complement the revision of the Strategic Plan of the Society, the Europe Section develops its own strategic plan in order to address European challenges.

Strategic plan 2011- 2015 (pdf)

Board Member Agreement:

Being a member of the SCB-ES involves taking responsibility for the development of the section. The Board Member Agreement outlines the expectations on Board members.

BoD ES agreemeent

Annual reports:

Annual report 2013