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Europe Section Education Committee

Current members

Chair:  Sarah Dalrymple
Student chair: Elli Tzirkalli
María Triviño De La Cal
Emanuele Fasola
Gabor Lövei
Mariana Lapa
Anders P. Tøttrup
Andrew Ramsey
Ester Polaina

Our Mission: to increase the level of conservation literacy in Europe at all levels

Education is at the heart of the mission of the Society for Conservation Biology. SCB has always recognized the importance of education to conservation for inspiring future generations, creating a scientifically literate public, maintaining professional skills through advanced degrees and continuing education, and enriching both personal and professional lives through increased appreciation of nature. As such the Education Committee seeks ways of promoting the science and teaching of conservation biology to as wide an audience as possible. The European team is leading on a number of initiatives, which include:

  • Develop and launch European educational initiatives which address the regions need for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education capacity.
  • Create continuing-education and professional-development opportunities for conservation scientists and practitioners at European meetings.
  • Develop and build partnerships with selected European organizations to enhance educational opportunities.

The Education Committee and Student Affairs Committee of the SCB Europe Section are currently operating as a merged entity but with distinct, if complementary, aims.  The Education Committee aims to improve conservation literacy across Europe.  Specific activities include the production of a review of the provision of formal and informal conservation education and the development of a conservation ambassador scheme.  The Student Affairs Committe aims to support students of conservation biology enabling them to become conservation professionals.  

Current activities are focussed on launching and co-ordinating the European Conservation Training Grant (see below), undertaking a review of conservation education provision in Europe and organising networking events for students to build links between different European countries.  The Education and Student Affairs Committee co-ordinated the Student Awards at ICCB-ECCB 2015 and will run the Student Awards at ECCB 2018.

SCB Europe Conservation Training Grant

The SCB Europe Conservation Training Grant aims to support students in undertaking training related to their studies and research, and/or that will help them gain conservation-based employment after graduation.  We intend that the grant will facilitate networks between student and established conservationists, enhance the levels of conservation skills and knowledge in European students, and improve the chances of employment for student SCB Europe members so that their training, talents and energies are retained by the discipline of conservation biology as a whole.


  • aims to support students in undertaking conservation-relevant training that is not included in their current programme of study
  • only SCB Europe members who are students can apply
  • the grant can be used for transport to a training event, attendance fees and accommodation whilst attending the event to a total of no more than €300
  • two calls a year opening April (deadline for submission is 31 May) and October (deadline for submission is 15 November)
  • applications consist of a one page document including justification for attending the chosen training event and a reference
  • successful applicants will be reimbursed after the conservation training event has happened on submission of receipts and proof of attendance

For details of the application can be found via the link below: