ACT - Volume 9 Issue 1 

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Call for Papers for ACT

By Murali Pai

The African Conservation Telegraph is your window to the world of conservation in Africa.  A newsletter published entirely with love, sweat and goodwill of nerds who think and do some good for Africa’s biodiversity, regardless of where they may be in this world.

The next issue of ACT in February 2014 is themed ‘Best Protected Areas of Africa”. It is planned as a mega issue with topics such as management of protected parks, human dimensions of biodiversity management, ecotourism, travelogues and wildlife photography – anything and everything to do with Africa’s best parks!
So folks, it is time to put your fondest memories of Africa in a word processor and get published in the ACT – a leader in the business of networking for and on behalf of conservation in the continent we all adore. 
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Murali Pai, Editor, ACT