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Asia Section Board of Directors

The Asia Section of the Society for Conservation Biology has an international following of members that support conservation in the Asian Region. The Board of Directors is an elected body that facilitates the goals and activities of the Section.

Current Members

Antony J. Lynam, President 
Wildlife Conservation Society

Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, Past President 
University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

Jennie Miller, CFO
UC Berkeley / Panthera

Ghazala Shahabuddin, Membership Liaison
Center for Ecology, Development and Research

Christie Lai Ming LAM, Vice President, Awards Liaison
Osaka University

Shermin de Silva, Communications Officer
Trunks & Leaves Inc. / EFECT
Sri Lanka

Alice Catherine Hughes, Education and Training Liaison, Conference Liaison
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
P.R. China

Natalia Huang, Chapters Liaison
Ecology Matters Pte Ltd

Buuveibaatar Bayarbaatar, Elections Liaison
Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Wildlife Conservation Society

Hanyeh Ghaffari, Diversity Liaison
University of Kurdistan

Jeff McNeely, Policy Liaison
Independent Consultant 

Koustubh Sharma, Social Media Liaison
Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystems Protection Program
USA, India


Future Members

If you are interested in being a member of the Asia Board you must be a member of SCB and a member of the Section. Generally 2 to 4 board members are elected annually. The Call for Nominations goes out in September or October and the election runs in October or November. Each year Section members receive an email about the open positions and the start of the election process. For more information about getting involved with this board, please email the Asia Section Board.