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Conservation Genetics Working Group

The Society for Conservation Biology’s Conservation Genetics Working Group (SCB CGWG) is a global community of conservation-minded people interested in the application of genetics to the conservation of biological diversity. 

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Vision and Aim

Over the past 20 years, genetics has emerged as a very important tool for conservation and it is now well established that it can be used to accomplish conservation-oriented goals. Nevertheless, there is a gap between genetic research outcomes and conservation management.

Our vision is to promote the use of genetics in conservation by having a community of conservation scientists that are aware of how genetics can contribute to conservation decisions.

We intend to become a leading organization for the integration of genetics in the practice of biodiversity conservation, partnering with other conservation genetics groups and organizations.

The aim of the CGWG is to promote the incorporation of genetic studies into the wider field of conservation and to improve the way results of genetic studies are communicated to the broader conservation audience, by:

  1. Facilitating the incorporation of genetics in conservation practice
  2. Making the CGWG a well-established working group within and beyond the SCB
  3. Developing and carrying out organizational core functions for an efficiently running working group.
Get Involved

To join the Conservation Genetics Working Group you must be an active member of the Society for Conservation Biology. If you are already an SCB member, you can become a member at any time by logging into your member profile webpage and using the “Member Quick links” to view and edit the groups you are part of.

Non-members are free to use any resources on our webpage as well as join our Slack group and participate in the group’s activities. If you are not a member but would like to join the Working Group you can start here.

If you have any questions, please contact us: