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Our current activities are:

Facilitate the incorporation of genetics in conservation practice

1. Develop and maintain a conservation genetics blog

2. Contribute to genetic based conservation science e.g. outreach, publication

3. Establish student “Conservation Genetics” talk awards

4. Facilitate working group member networking and socialising activities

5. Deliver genetics symposia, workshops, and short courses

Make the CGWG a well-established reference group within and beyond the SCB

1. Develop survey/s to identify ways the committee can increase the incorporation of genetic information in the field of conservation

2. Increase awareness and build professional relationships

Develop and carry out organizational core functions

1. Manage social media and CGWG SCB web pages

2. Provide updates to SCB quarterly newsletter

3. Recruit members and manage memberships

4. Obtain funding and manage funds

  • Education: Develops resource materials and conducts activities to build genetic literacy among conservation practitioners, and conservation literacy amongst academic researchers.
  • Events: Organizes events to promote the interaction among CGWG members as well as organize outreach events to achieve the CGWG goal of increasing the use of genetics in conservation. 
  • Strategic Planning: Increases the incorporation of genetic information in the field of conservation and promotes the integration of CGWG within SCB and other professional groups.
  • Communications: Coordinates CGWG general communication efforts, including the CGWG website, social media, email discussion listserv, and updates to the SCB newsletter.
  • Membership & Recruitment: Coordinates general CGWG membership activities, focusing on membership growth and diversification, as well as the development of a directory for CGWG members and other conservation genetics scientists.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: *This is a new committee and open to new ideas and alternative structures.* The proposed focus of the CGWG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion group is to assess and increase representation across race, nationality, gender expression, and ways of knowing within our membership and activities, and within conservation genetics broadly.

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